Seriously hurt in an accident? Whoever did this to you should pay!

We are NYC injury lawyers who care about our clients. Do you need our help for an injury caused by a car, construction or slip-and-fall accident?

If you have been seriously injured because of someone else's recklessness or carelessness, please get legal help. It is too easy for those responsible to avoid paying you. A car, auto, construction or slip-and-fall accident can ruin your health, family and well-being. And leave you with huge medical bills

Don't let those who hurt you—or their slippery lawyers and insurance adjusters—take advantage of you. You need your own high-powered NY injury attorney to protect you and fight for your rights.

Teperman & Teperman, LLC is ready to stand by you—without costing you any out-of-pocket expenses—for injuries in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and throughout New York City.

Our New York injury law firm can protect you

Most people who are injured for the first time have no idea the stress it causes. Just when you are trying to heal, you are forced to deal with phone calls, paperwork, medical treatment costs, and worst of all, over-eager insurance adjusters trying to get you to sign away your right to fair compensation. It's too easy to just sign away your rights without understanding the full impact your injuries have on your family, your health and your future.

Our experienced New York City injury lawyers can protect you from all of this and to do much more. You can trust us to:

  • Investigate all the facts of your accident and determine everyone who is liable
  • Examine your medical records to see the seriousness of your injuries
  • Estimate how much your injuries have cost you in medical bills, lost wages, career advancement, and earning power
  • Consult with medical, forensic, and financial experts to build evidence to prove your claims
  • Deal with the calls, the paperwork, the documentation and the lawsuit filings

We take all this information and create your claim for full and fair compensation for your medical bills, lost income, future treatment, pain and suffering, property damage and other costs. And if the insurance company won't pay, we continue to fight for you in the courts until you get the compensation you deserve.

Calling us today could be the best decision you make—it's free!

You can speak to the personal injury law firm of Teperman & Teperman, LLC free of charge at (877) 807-1434. We serve clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and throughout New York City. And if we take your case, you pay no legal fees until you receive monetary payment. If you don't get paid, we don't get paid. So let's fight for your rights together.